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Tutor's Guide

For Tutors

Thank you for volunteering to contribute to Hervey Bay U3A Inc.
On this page you will find all the information you will need to present your course.
If you have any questions, please contact –
Course Co-ordinator,
Committee Secretary, 0431 366264

Tutor Guide

This document contains guidelines to assist you to make your tutoring trouble free and compliant with necessary legal requirements. Please read it thoroughly whether you are a new or experienced U3A tutor. It contains some new information which will both help you to run your class smoothly and also help Management Committee.

U3A Online

U3A Online is the world first virtual U3A delivering online learning via the internet. Hervey Bay U3A is a member of the group. This membership allows Tutors to access courses and resources for disseminating to our local members. There are over 60 courses available, ranging from Australian History to The Evolution of Planet Earth. New courses are added regularly. If you would like to deliver a course using U3A Online please speak to the Course Co-ordinator or our Secretary.


U3A tutors are covered by our Volunteer Insurance Policy. Members of your class are covered by our Public Liability Policy. Tutors conducting classes in their own home should ensure that their house & contents policy covers people visiting for classes. As required by law a copy of our insurance policy is available from our Secretary for any member to inspect.


We sincerely hope that no accidents or other incidents occur at your course. However, if they do you will need to take appropriate action and report the incident. For insurance purposes, Tutors are required to promptly report ALL incidents or accidents at any class activity to the Committee and submit a report on an Accident/Incidents Form to the Secretary who will enter it (or other Committee member in the Secretary’s absence) into the Accident/Incidents book which is kept in the Secretary’s files.