U3A Hervey Bay Inc

The University of the Third Age

Hervey Bay Inc.

Policy - Code of Conduct


1. The ethical climate of an organisation is an essential element in establishing its credibility and furthering its mission. The U3A movement in Queensland is dedicated to providing a competent and ethical service to Third Age members of the community and undertakes to provide its members with a trustworthy, fair, honest environment based upon equal opportunity to participate in U3A programs and activities.
This Code of Conduct is designed to meet the legal requirements of both State and Federal governments with regard to ‘Duty of Care’.


2. The purpose of this policy is to document U3A Hervey Bay’s Code of Conduct for members and the processes that will be followed where a breach of the Code of Conduct is reported.


3. U3A Hervey Bay commits itself to operating in accordance with this Code of Conduct for the benefit and protection of the organisation and of members’ personal rights.
4. Every member of U3A Hervey Bay has the right to:

    • feel safe and respected
    • a supportive and positive learning environment
    • participate in learning, social and recreational opportunities
    • receive services fully compliant with U3A norms
    • make a complaint and receive prompt and fair resolution thereof
    • have access to guidelines, policies and procedures adopted by U3A Hervey Bay.
      Every member of U3A Hervey Bay has the responsibility to:
    • respect the beliefs, needs and background of others
    • act and speak respectfully
    • understand and follow the organisation’s guidelines, policies and procedures
    • carry out all activities in an appropriate manner
    • work cooperatively for the benefit of all members
    • maintain positive relationships
    • care for the property and possessions of the organisation and members
    • help create an inclusive environment
    • report actual or potentially unsafe situations or conduct
    • wear a name badge to assist in the governance of the organisation

5. The principles set out in this Code of Conduct are intended to apply to any U3A-related context including classes, activities, auspiced social functions, meetings, conferences and holiday trips.
6. The principles set out in this Code of Conduct apply equally to all members and volunteers/employees.
7. A breach of this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action.


8. Where a person believes they have been subject to treatment or conduct that is in breach of this Code of Conduct he/she may lodge a complaint with U3A Hervey Bay’s President or Secretary. The Secretary will inform the President immediately.
9. Any complaint of a breach of this Code of Conduct will be handled in accordance with U3A Hervey Bay’s Grievance Policy.
10. Any queries about this Code of Conduct should be referred to U3A Hervey Bay’s President or Secretary.


11. U3A Hervey Bay’s Committee is responsible for:

  • developing, adopting, implementing, publishing and reviewing this Code of Conduct
  • investigating and resolving any complaint made about a breach of this Code of Conduct.

12. U3A Hervey Bay’s President or Secretary is responsible for

  • receiving and responding to enquiries about this Code of Conduct
  • receiving complaints about an alleged breach of this Code of Conduct and for bringing the matter before the Committee promptly.

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Ratified on the 16th September 2016 at Monthly Meeting.