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Brief Profile of U3A

U3A started in France about 30 years ago, initially, as a way community members could ‘sit in’ on university lectures without having to complete assignments or exams. Although U3A members gained knowledge in this process they were not awarded qualifications at the end of a course.

It was soon realized that U3A members had knowledge and skills that they could pass on to other members so a second type of course was developed in which U3A members shared their skills. There are now U3As throughout the world. In the USA, community colleges fulfill a similar role so there are fewer U3As in proportion to population levels in the USA than elsewhere in the world.
U3A Hervey Bay

U3A is a community organisation that aims to assist senior citizens keep their minds and bodies active. Most of its members are semi-retired or retired.

As we wind down our participation in the paid workforce, and given that the children have flown the coop, the demands of everyday life may not be enough to keep us fully occupied or intellectually challenged, The brain is like any other muscle – use it or lose it – without exercise, it will atrophy.

U3A arranges for tutors to run courses for its members on a voluntary basis. These courses carry no formal accreditation, but neither do you need any particular educational standard or qualification to attend. Just pay your once a year membership fee, and attend as many (or as few) courses as you wish.

As well as the mentally stimulating benefits, joining a U3A class will bring great social benefits. Meet people with like interests, create new friendship networks, and have a good time. Classes have an informal, friendly, and often jovial atmosphere.

U3A always welcomes new members – the sky is the limit!

In addition, we highly value anyone willing to run a new course. We are always trying to expand the list of courses on offer.

If you wish to become a member, a tutor (or course facilitator), or both, please contact our secretary (listed on the contacts page).